José Trigueirinho Netto

     José Trigueirinho Netto, spiritual philosopher, moves in a balanced way on a subtle path between the outer and the inner world.

     Like a being ahead of his time, Trigueirinho stimulates possibilities in those who aspire to a larger life. His work describes a larger reality that humanity is quickly approaching. This reality may be experienced as glimpses of a new era by those that are willing to go beyond known limitations, conveying a maturing of planetary processes that allow a fuller expression of the inner self.

     He lives in Brazil and is the author of 77 books, with about two million books published originally in Portuguese. It has all been translated into Spanish. Some of the written work is being released in English, French, and German. There are also thousands of recorded talks in Portuguese, some of which have a voice over in English. For more information on Trigueirinho and his work, contact one of the groups in North America listed below.

Non-Profit Groups in North America

Calling Humanity Corporation

23042 Sunrise Ridge, Tahlequah, OK  74464

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Shasti Association 

Mt. Shasta, CA:

Books and lectures in English available.

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