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JOS… TRIGUEIRINHO NETTO invites the readers of his 76 books and the listeners of more than one thousand CDs, recorded live in his lectures in Brazil, to expand their own thoughts and to find a wider vision of life. All these books, with about two million copies in circulation, have been translated from Portuguese into Spanish and some into English,  French, German, and Italian, as well as Braille.

His work explains a larger reality that humanity is quickly approaching. This reality may be seen as glimpses of a new era by those that are willing to go beyond known limitations; expressing a maturing of planetary processes that allow a fuller expression of the inner self.

Celestial signs point to a growing relationship between subjective and objective reality. Trigueirinho presents signs of these contacts to us, knowing that all of us will be strengthened if we activate our inner potential and choose to take an ascending path. He shares generously despite the fact that much of what he shares could be considered impossible to prove.

Carol Parrish, noted author and founder of Santa Sophia Seminary, commented in her introduction to his book Calling Humanity: "This incredible work, which began with a little-understood touch of the Spirit, hidden from most, has filled the life of Trigueirinho with powerful revelations. He has been given many previously unrevealed insights into the workings of the cosmos and humanityís part in it. While we have claimed to be the centerpiece of Godís creative handiwork, now we must face the reality that we are but one of a multitude of beings and kingdoms, as we discover that dimension teems with life forms."

Trigueirinho speaks to us about existing civilizations in other dimensions and levels of consciousness, as if barriers to inter-dimensional exchange were being dissolved and we could move more freely through an expanded field of perception. 

The history of Trigueirinho includes the experience that is called "transmutation" or soul exchange.  This experience is mentioned in the works of H. P. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and Alice A. Bailey. Through transmutation, the inner being of a person leaves the lower body so that another inner being may take its place. At the time of his transmutation, when he was contacted by an advanced being (a member of the Hierarchy), Trigueirinho was already an advanced spiritual instructor.  This being invited him to serve in a more expanded way, and accompanied him for the transmutation process, which took place in the valley of ERKS in Argentina. Level after level of Trigueirinho's nature were purified and energetically realigned. One can notice that after this transmutation, a new energy expressing a higher level of being was evident in his public works, lectures and meetings; and also in the manifestation of new books, very different from the ones that he had written until then.

Since 1987, the year of this transmutation, Trigueirinho has walked a rarified line between the inner realities and the external ones. As his mind registers interactions with the invisible, with beings that live in the harmony of the inner planes, he tries to transmit their existence in his lectures.  As a person who is ahead of his time, he is open to those who aspire to the stimulating possibilities of a broader life. This informative material demonstrates deep respect for the inner search and for the countless ways of expressing truth, independent of its many forms.

The nature of his work, as well as his purpose are transparent. What he communicates has the stamp of all true revelation and for that reason it finds a resonance with inwardly awake beings.  His work is published in Brazil by Editora Pensamento, Nova Cultura, Circulo do Libro and Irdin Editora, in Portuguese; in Argentina by Editorial Kier, which distributes the work globally in Spanish; and in Europe by Editions Vesica Piscis.  These books have been well-received and many have been reprinted.

Many people from around the world, including Anne Givaudan (France), Dr. Christian Tal Schaller (Switzerland), Dr. Alan Berkowitz (USA), Dr. Fan Xiulan, Quigong Master (China) and Carol Parrish-Harra (USA) refer to the work of Trigueirinho as a continuation of the old teachings which add new and appropriate information for the current times, a need foreseen by Alice A. Bailey. 

Trigueirinho's work explains the reasons for the current crisis that devastates humanity and announces a more luminous cycle on the Earth.  He gives a complete account of the dimensions and levels of the human being and of the planet, the planetary energetic centers on Earth that guide its evolution, and the relationship between the various kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal and human).  Trigueirinho points out that a new supra-physical genetic code is becoming available in humanity to support the transformation of consciousness of those who are receptive to it.  He also addresses subtle aspects of healing and esoteric medicine, and an expanded vision of astrology and occult science. This enumerates the factors that will make possible the coming of a new stage for the planet.

Trigueirinho is the founder of a spiritual center named Figueira, located in Central Brazil.  Figueira is dedicated to the planetary evolution independent of doctrines, sects, religions or institutions.  The group life at Figueira is designed to facilitate the development of harmony and cooperation among individuals who wish to transform themselves (both residents and visitors).  This work is complex and incorporates many activities: development of medicines and foods, retreats, lectures and instruction, agriculture, healing, training for emergency situations, and service.  Service is also provided to the local community through donation of agricultural products and meals to those in need; along with clothing, household items, and instruction in  hygiene and health. All the residents of Figueira are celibate and practice vegetarianism.  Individuals from Brazil and other countries frequently lecture at Figueira on spiritual subjects and collaborate in its work. 

Figueira has its own publishing house, titled IRDIN, which publishes the philosophical-spiritual books of Trigueirinho.  Books are also published by other authors on topics such as health, nutrition, help in times of emergency, and uplifting of contacts between the kingdoms of Nature.

Those interested in visiting Figueira must first have an interview and receive an orientation to determine if interests are mutually compatible.

Currently, Trigueirinho's work has expanded to include conferences and annual gatherings at Figueira, study and prayer groups in a number of countries, and center that serve as extensions of Figueira outside of Brazil.

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